Our Finishes

How to Order:

1) Choose your orientation and size

2) Choose a finish for your top piece. The top piece is what the numbers will be cut out of. All back-pieces will be stainless steel unless a special request is made.

3) Indicate the numbers you'd like (5 max)

Small Horizontal
↔ 15” width
↕ 8.18” height

Large Horizontal
↔ 19.5” width
↕ 10..63” height

Small Vertical
↕ 15” height
↔ 8.18” width

Large Vertical
↕ 19.5” height
↔ 10.63” width

❂Cut out of 16 ga. steel using a high definition plasma machine
❂ Our pieces are coated with an automotive gloss to help prevent tarnishing (stainless steel and raw steel are not coated). Like all paints, they can wear down over time, and exposure to moisture, salt, and lawn chemicals can increase the speed at which it breaks down. You can help maintain the finish by coating it with Rustoleum clear coat every now and then.
❂ Has four, 3/16" holes for hanging. Hanging hardware not included (due to the various surfaces our customers hang on and the different hardware needed).
❂ ***The torch blue is achieved through heat which is difficult to control. There is a wide color range that you can receive, from light blue, dark blue, purple, yellow, gray and brown. The color of the piece depends on the light and angle in which it is being viewed***
❂ Can be made to custom size or finish, please contact us for details
❂Disclaimer: Each piece of artwork is custom made and may have variations in the finish

❂ Custom orders ship within 1-2 weeks

**Please note that all products made by Converse Custom Metal Design are made for the sole purpose of artistic decor. All products are made of steel and depending on the design may have sharp edges. Please use caution when handling our products as none are intended for use by children. These are not toys. Thank you **

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